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Philippatos Vangelis
Scaffolding Rentals - Scaffolding - Thermal facades - Renovations - Patra Achaia


The company "PHILIPPATOS EVANGELOS" was founded in 2010 with the aim of offering specialized services in the field of scaffolding, plastering, and thermal facade of buildings. As we have spent many years improving our services, today we are a reliable partner for those who need specialized solutions in matters of building construction and renovation.

At "PHILIPPATOS EVANGELOS," we are dedicated to serving our customers and providing excellent quality services. We are available to undertake any project or work related to scaffolding, plastering, and thermal facade of buildings, regardless of the type of building or the location in Greece.

Our goal is to offer you a professional, reliable, and secure service that adapts to your needs and expectations. We have gained extensive experience in the field of scaffolding and have successfully completed large projects that reflect our technical excellence and quality of service. With our experienced and specialized staff, we are able to provide safe and reliable solutions for commercial, industrial, or residential projects, which guarantee maximum safety and excellent functionality of the scaffolding.

Our assets include outdoor scaffolding, platform scaffolding, external scaffolding for painting buildings, special scaffolding for orthomarbling, thermal insulation, preserved buildings, and coatings. We can meet a variety of needs and are ready to undertake the construction and maintenance of scaffolding for new homes, factories, roofs, industrial units, housing complexes, events, and neoclassical properties.

We are available for service throughout Greece, offering reliable and economical solutions to all our customers.


Finally, as far as thermal facades are concerned, they are an important part of our work. The thermal facade is an insulating protective mantle that protects the building from climatic attacks and enhances its aesthetic value. We can help you "clad" your building on the outside with a thermal facade, improving your building's insulation and reducing your oil or gas costs.

For plastering, we undertake projects in new buildings and renovations in many areas, including Patras, Achaia, Attica, and all of Greece, always with an emphasis on consistency, quality, and competitive prices.

At "PHILIPPATOS EVANGELOS," guarantee, prompt service, and affordable prices represent our principles and are recognized by our satisfied customers. Thank you for your trust and we are available to help you with any need in the field of building construction and renovation.